Last August, Crossover, a collective of emerging artists which I’m a part of, had their launch exhibit at the Reagan Lee Gallery. Here’s an article on the launch. Big ups to the founders and organisers, they really did an incredible job building this baby from the ground up.

Chaz Bojorquez and Angry Woebots were here and was part of a group exhibit that coincided with King Kapisi’s album launch.

Check out these links, an interview on both of them at The Tattooed Heart e-zine, and photos of Chaz’s VIP night with other graffiti heads at Qubic. Peap Tarr, a good friend and also an amazing artist, was the curator/organiser of all of the three shows (which included a live painting session and print signing at Harlem 23).

Peap Tarr, Chaz Bojorquez and Angry Woebots

For more photos and an account of everything that went down, read it all at Acclaim Magazine’s Website here.