Some media mentions and coverage on Beauty Meets the Bizarre, a group exhibit I recently curated and exhibited in, together with Michael Kennedy.

Trendstreet NZ Invurt Passion and Distraction Sweet Station:

Also, I’m really psyched to announce I reached my fundraising goal for the Little Lotus project, and then some. Through a couple of fundraising events, some generous people who donated online, the help of my friend Giapo and the amazing We’ar Yoga Clothing brand, I was able to raise $3,212. In a couple of days I’m about to fly out to the Thai/Burma border and paint with my good friends from around the world and make some children’s day. I’m really looking forward to painting walls and doing art projects with the kids. Visual artists include Angry Woebots, Peap Tarr, Ritzy Periwinkle, J*RYU, Sheryo. NZ crew includes Cleo Barnett, Leon Dalton and project organiser Pat Shepherd. Check out the full artist line-up, 12 in total,here.

Here are the limited edition prints I gave as presents to everyone who donated.

It still boggles my mind how I’m about to do this, I can’t wait to give back, travel, do art, learn heaps and get inspired and be surrounded by incredible people. And incredibly thankful to the many people backed me up and supported me on this. I’ll see you in Thailand in 2 days!