"Flutter" – 1.2 m Wide x 1.2 m High (SOLD)

"The face in the middle of this piece, formed by a whirl of colour, is inspired by this especially cheeky boy in our class Saw Pa La. He was this whirlwind and had the best attitude. This piece is dedicated to him. I created a whimsical dreamland, made up of fragments of some of the kids’ dreams. All these fragments make up a whole, speaking dreams of freedom, connectedness, happiness and abundance."

Little Lotus Project exhibition, by SpinningTop. Over 30 talented creatives come together in an exhibition which will ultimately build new dreams for the children who inspired them. Date: Thurs 11th October Time: Open for viewing from 5.30pm. Auction begins at 7pm Location: NZ Portrait Gallery, Shed 11, Wellington Waterfront RSVP: Please RSVP by 8th Oct toexhibition@spinningtop.org

Open to the public from: 12 - 18 October

All works available for viewing & online auction this week here: http://www.littlelotusproject.org/art/

SOURCE: littlelotusproject.org