"Flourish II" (1.2 metres) latest painting for the show Conversations in Mind opening at Auckland Waterfront, Queens Wharf 26 Feb, 6-8pm and runs all through March.

Conversations In Mind, a multi-dimensional exhibit featuring murals, installations, music, photography, moving image and paintings from a lovely line-up of artists in a beautiful setting.


Chevelle Sands / Claire Cowan / Cleo Barnett / Flox / Helen Clegg / Lane Park / Laura Forest / Lucy Mulholland / Matt Dowman / Meghan Geliza / Natalie Maria / Nigel Roberts / Paris Kirby / Robert George / Tiffany Singh

For more info, visit: http://conversationsinmind.tumblr.com/

Available for purchase via this page. A special viewing is happening Saturday 16th March as part of Auckland’s White Night.

Interview with Patrick Shepherd on me recently joining One Percent Collective for the charity Spinning Top.

Read all about it here.

SOURCE: onepercentcollective.org